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Beating the Mid-Year Slump
By Chris Edwards
Brownfield Education Principal

It is great to start the year out in a district that is moving forward and conquering goals. Now, here it is December, and this semester is flying by so fast. It seems like yesterday we were in August preparing for a new school year when parent’s teachers and administrators are exited and ready to get the year started. But, as the year progresses we go through cycles. These cycles include anticipation, survival, disillusionment, rejuvenation, reflective, and back to anticipation.

Each group involved in the educational process has to push through the mid-year slump, which usually occurs from the middle of October to February. Then in the spring all involved starts to move out of the slump and back to the anticipation state. Each cycle can pose a different set of challenges for parents, teachers, and administrators. During the anticipation stage, parents and students are excited for the new school year. Teachers are ready to teach what they have learned from summer workshops or the previous years. And for administrators just having everyone ready to get back to work after looking at data all summer.

Then, as the year progresses at a rapid rate, we cycle into the survival mode. The excitement has faded and the work begins. Parents have a new set of concerns due to the fact their students are learning new material; teachers are out of the review stage having to strategize on how to teach the new material. Then, in October, the disillusionment stage can occur and parents, students, teachers and administrators might get frustrated and this is when frustration could travel through the channels of all involved into the student’s education. This stage is what I have deemed as the mid-year slump. This is a critical stage when parents, teachers, and administrators need to communicate with each other and work together. It is during this time that should be the focus due to the fact that the outcome will show at the end of the year on the STAAR test or other academic measures of student success. Even though the test is months away, it during this time that teachers and students are totally immersed into all new content of the new grade level and both can become easily frustrated, because they are out of their comfort zone. It is during this time that teachers have to dig down to find ways to reach their students. Parents need to help their students with reading at home or helping with homework. Communication during this time can help ease anxiety and frustration. It is important that teachers and administrators stay in communication with the parents, so the students will experience success. Mid-January to April, teachers and students move out of the disillusionment stage and into the rejuvenation stage where the students and teachers are back into a comfort zone. All new content has been learned and is now being put to use while students are starting to use the skills to build for the future.

The key to surviving the mid-year slump and to get back to the anticipation stage is to communicate and be involved in the student’s education. Both parents and the school have to be creative and supportive, so everyone can achieve the highest potential. Staying focused and realizing that the mid-year slump can be conquered and all goals met is the key to another successful year.

It’s hard to believe another year has gone by

It’s hard to believe another year has gone by and 2014 is coming to a close. It seems like just a few weeks ago school was starting and the excitement of the fall semester was here. Now, as the end of the year draws near, students have a something else to look forward to-Christmas Break! Our students have been working hard since August and deserve some time off before gearing up for a busy spring semester. It’s easy to pass the time by watching TV, eating holiday foods, and staying indoors during the break. However, I want to encourage you and your child to remain active both mentally and physically while they are away from school, and find a balance of relaxing and learning while at home. In honor of the “Twelve Days of Christmas,” below are twelve ideas/suggestions to try over the next two weeks.

These suggestions vary from elementary-secondary level and can tweaked or adjusted as you see fit. 1. Read a Christmas story or article with your child. For younger students, it might be helpful to sit down and read it with them. For older students, have them read a story or article and then talk with them about what they read. 2. Elementary students are continuously learning math facts; give them “12” math problems to do that are grade appropriate (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). Ask your child what they have been learning in math and provide those problems accordingly. It doesn't need to be lengthy, just enough to “jog their memory.” 3. If you haven't done so already, have your child write their letter to Santa. Encourage them to “show off” to you and Santa what they've learned with correct spelling and punctuation. 4. For those who like to help in the kitchen, let your child join you when baking cookies or a Christmas dish. This is a great opportunity to apply real life skills while also practicing math when measuring the ingredients needed. 5. On a similar note, if your child is into making things, let them be creative and construct an ornament, stocking, wreath, holiday sign, or any other project they would enjoy doing. 6. If your child enjoys being on the computer, google Christmas related websites such as to find fun activities for them to take advantage of during this time of year. 7. Norad Tracks Santa is a great site to learn about geography and places around the world. Kids could chart the stops in Google Maps or with a globe, calculate distances between stops, write a creative story about Santa’s adventure, etc. 8. On a similar note, if your child enjoys social studies, this would be a great opportunity to have them learn about different types of celebrations around the world this time of year. For example, they could compare and contrast the similarities and differences between, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. 9. For younger kids, visit the itunes app store to download Santa games that are education based. Many of these apps reinforce the alphabet, sorting, patterns, etc. that are great for PK-1 students. 10. is a website that makes learning fun with colorful worksheets for kids! Browse by grade or topic to find the perfect printable worksheet to support learning. 11. Another idea would be to participate in a service project. This doesn't have to be anything extravagant, but consider visiting shut-ins or the elderly in the nursing home that may not be able to join friends and family. Take them cookies or something else you and your child made and share the holiday cheer! 12. And finally, when the weather is good, encourage your child to go outside a play for an hour per day! If they are able to be out longer, great. Good old fashion play time exercise is something our kids don't seem to get enough of these days.

The key here is to embrace this time together with family and friends. Let go of trivial things and enjoy spending time with your children. Santa only comes once a year-make the most of this holiday season!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Ben Prowell
Assistant Principal
Oak Grove

Rachael’s Challenge Coming to Brownfield ISD

Rachael’s Challenge Coming to Brownfield ISD Providing a safe learning environment for all our students here at Brownfield ISD is our number one (1) priority. It is crucial to the learning environment that students feel comfortable coming to school without fear of bullying or other distractions that affect the learning process. As a school district, we are constantly working towards meeting the needs of all our students to improve student academic achievement. With this being said, we must also provide our students with the support and resources needed to overcome all the challenges our students face in today’s society. Students across America today, face many obstacles with self-esteem, school bullying, cyber and social bullying. Even though we have great kids here in Brownfield ISD, it is important to instill the values of caring, empathy, and showing compassion for one another. That is why we are so excited to bring Rachael’s Challenge to our students here at Brownfield ISD. Rachael’s Challenge is based on the writings and life of 17 year- old Rachael Scott who was the first student killed at Columbine High School in 1999. Rachel left a legacy of reaching out to those who were different, who were picked on by others, or who were new at her school. Shortly before her death she wrote, “I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion, them it will start a chain reaction of the same. People will never know how far a little kindness can go”. Here are some of the objectives that Rachael’s Challenge will bring to our schools: • Create a safe learning environment for all students by re-establishing civility and delivering proactive antidotes to school violence and bullying. • Improve academic achievement by engaging student’s hearts, hearts and hands in the learning process. • Provide students with social/emotional education that is culturally relevant. • Train adults to inspire, equip and empower students to affect permanent positive change. More than 21 million people have been touched by Rachael’s message, and they continue the legacy of making a difference in their schools and communities. Rachael’s Challenge Presentations will occur on the following dates: Wednesday January 7th – High School, BEC, Middle School Wednesday January 7th – Evening Community Presentation Thursday January 8th – Oak Grove, Colonial Heights *We will provide exact presentation times for each campus as they become available* We would like to invite all of our parents and community members to join us for this life changing event.

Ray Vasquez
Assistant Superintendent

The beginning of 2015!

The beginning of 2015 has come and we, at Brownfield ISD, started out with a bang. We just wrapped up the introduction to Rachel’s Challenge, which is a great anti-bullying program that promotes kindness. Our presenter, OJ, was phenomenal. He made the comment at one point in one of his presentations, “Schools are a snapshot of your community,” and he liked what he saw during his visit with our students, staff and community. He complimented our students’ behavior, participation and respect that they demonstrated throughout his two day visit. He was also excited with the number of community members that were in attendance during his community presentation. He was very pleased with his experiences in Brownfield ISD and in Brownfield, Texas. That should make us all feel good. He, being a visitor in our community, left with a great impression of not only Brownfield schools, but also of the community. That is the great snapshot we portray in Brownfield. Many times throughout the year, when our students attend events outside of Brownfield, we receive compliments about how our students are well-mannered and respectful to all of those around them. They get along well and help each other out. We also get compliments about our staff. How professional they are, how they go out of the way to help students meet their goals and their everyday successes. Recently, I held a breakfast to show appreciation to our staff that mentor our new professional staff members that started teaching in Brownfield this school year. It’s amazing what they shared about our new staff and how they have seen them grow and become part of our BISD family. I also held a breakfast for our new professional staff, the mentees, and it was great to hear from them about how well they have adapted to our schools and community. They also stated that having a mentor-- someone to be there for them to assist with getting to know routines, etc. on their campuses-- has been great. One question I asked them was “Who are we?” I know that we are all educators, some parents, aunts, uncles, etc. But as a whole group, “Who are we?” I responded that WE ARE BROWNFIELD. We take pride in our everyday activities and take pride in building relationships with not only our students and staff, but with parents and community members. I encourage all readers, to keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter and check out our website at

Nori Banda
Director of Personnel and Operation

Spring Semester

As many others have noted, the month of January is a time to reflect on the past year as well as to anticipate events of the coming year. In Brownfield ISD, anticipation of events in the Spring semester is exciting as the second semester is always crazy busy and it seems to start the minute we return from Christmas Break. Because January has been designated by the State of Texas as School Board Recognition Month, we begin our first school board meeting of the year by building awareness about the critical role elected Trustees play in our communities and schools, as well as by providing school district staff and community members the opportunity to show their appreciation to their respective Board of Trustees members. We truly appreciate the vision and support demonstrated by these dedicated few who put in long hours and who work for no pay to preserve the dream of public education and to make decisions based on the best interests of every child. Spring can also be noted for bringing about numerous series of state mandated testing including STAAR tests, EOC tests, etc. Brownfield ISD has made noteworthy gains in many areas of student achievement. Committed staff members are dedicated to building upon these improvements as our students take on the next round of testing. Spring is similarly well-known for extracurricular activities of which Brownfield ISD is showing phenomenal success. We kicked off the New Year with the local and county stock shows which brought about tremendous student involvement and success. The Runnin’ Cubs and the Lady Cubs basketball teams are competitive, exciting to watch, and anticipation is high as District play has begun. Baseball, softball, golf, tennis, track, powerlifting, band, cosmetology, one act play, academic UIL, etc. are all also eagerly anticipated in the Spring. One noteworthy event that is coming this Spring is reflected on the BISD 2014-2015 calendar. Brownfield ISD has adopted the Optional Flexible Year Program as an innovative approach to ensuring success for ALL students. BISD will incorporate an optional flexible year calendar for all grade levels (PK-12) for the 2014-2015 school year. The benefits of implementing this program are that it allows qualifying students an early end to the school year and provides students who are having difficulty to receive small group and very personalized instruction for intense acceleration for 10 extra days. This program is very similar to implementing early summer school. Each campus has set the criteria for qualifying for this program and have been communicating these criteria with students and parents. These criteria can include measures such as passing all core subjects, meeting 90% attendance criteria, passing appropriate state or local assessments, benchmark scores, prior year assessment history, and attendance of before/after school or Saturday acceleration classes. The Brownfield ISD 2014-2015 calendar currently allows for 10 "flex" days beginning May 21, 2015 and ending June 4, 2015. Students who have met all criteria as established by their campus administrators and teachers will be released from school on May 20. Students who need additional instruction and assistance will be released on June 4. Again, each campus will communicate with parents and students as we progress in this spring semester. As always, you are invited to be a part of Brownfield ISD by following our District and campus Facebook pages, by following our website updates, and by following other social media outlets such as Twitter. Schedules and upcoming events are advertised on these social media sites as well as the Brownfield News and Town Talk Radio. Please come watch our students as they perform in academic and extracurricular events. IT IS A GREAT TIME TO BE A CUB!

Dr. Monroe

Great Things Happening at BISD!

Congratulations to Aaron Aguirre, THSCA 2nd Team Academic All-State!

CONGRATULATIONS to the Runnin' Cubs for beating Bushland and winning the Dimmitt Tournament! WAY TO GO CHAMPIONS!

Brownfield High School Senior Mallorie Ellis has been named to the Texas Girls Coaches Association 3A All-State Team! Congratulations Mallorie!

Brownfield FFA had 11 kids and 13 pigs compete at the Christmas Cash Classic Show in Levelland. There were over 300 pigs and exhibitors. Kaitlyn Garza, Maria Rojas and Brooke Lamb placed 3rd. Jericho Garcia and Kelvin Gamez placed 4th. Congratulations Cubs!

Middle school S.T.E.M. students competed in the West Texas B.E.S.T. (Boosting, Engineering,Science, Technology) competition. At this contest schools are given five weeks to design, build, and program a robot to solve several given task. At the contest, teams have three minutes for each round and middle schools and high schools compete together against each other. BMS finished 12th out of 23 schools through the region. This included three area high schools that we beat. Students were, Kirtis Hogue, Elaina Stoker, Allllyssa Martinez, Cassidy Cooper, Chris Correa, Brody Yates, and Arlie Millican. Thank you for your continued support of our students here at BMS. Shelby Smith

CONGRATULATIONS to the Brownfield High School SPIRIT OF THE PLAINS BAND for receiving all I's at the UIL Marching contest! So proud of Mr. Balderas and his staff and students. Thank you as well to the parents who provide assistance. Dr. Monroe


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