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What is transition? 

Transition is planning for a student’s life after graduation. 

Transition addresses the life domains of: 

  • Employment 

  • Post-secondary education and learning options 

  • Independent living skills 

  • Recreation/leisure activities 

 Transition involves the student through interviews; inventories and having the student attend ARD/IEP meetings once he/she is 14.  A student’s IEP must address transition by age 14. 

When does transition planning begin? 

Transition planning must begin on or before a students’ 14th birthday as mandated by state and federal policy. 

Brownfield ISD conducts transition inventories, check lists, and visual transitional plans to identify student’s strengths, preferences, interests, and needs.  


What to consider in transition planning? 

When will the student graduate?  Students receiving special education services may stay in school until they are 21 if so desired.   

Under what plan will the student graduate? 

  • Foundation 

  • Foundation + Endorsement 

  • IEP Completion –age out 

Will the student attend college, a trade school, or community programs?  

Will the student work and what resources will be needed to support successful employment? 

What will the student do for recreation and social interaction? 

What financial and personal supports will be needed? 

What transportation services will the student need?  


Transition Guides 

Texas Transition is located in Austin, TX. TEA: Secondary Transition Guidance This link on the Texas  

Education Agency’s website provides information and guidance related to secondary transition services in Texas. 



The Education for All Handicapped Children Act was amended and renamed the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). This permanently authorized a grant program that provides federal funding to states to offer a "free, appropriate public education" to all children with disabilities in the "least restrictive environment. 


Review the higher education resource guide and statewide program directory. 

HIGHER EDUCATION RESOURCE GUIDE for Students with Disabilities 6201 East Oltorf, Suite 600 Austin, Texas 78741–7509 512-437-5432 800-262-0334 

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