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What is Giftedness?



Learning Characteristics

  • Has unsually advanced vocabulary for age or grade level
  • Has quick mastery and recall of factual information
  • Wants to know what makes things or people “tick”
  • Usually “sees more” or “gets more” out of a story, film, etc.  than others
  • Reads a great deal on his own;  usually prefers adult level books;  does not avoid difficult materials
  • Reasons things out for himself/herself

Motivational Characteristics

  • Becomes absorbed and truly involved in certain topics or problems
  • Is easily bored with routine tasks
  • Needs little external motivation to follow through in work that initially excites him/her
  • Strives towards perfection; is self critical;  is not easily satisfied with his own speed or products
  • Prefers to work independently; requires little direction from teachers
  • Is interested in many “adult problems” such as religion, politics, race, etc.
  • Stubborn in his/her beliefs

Creativity Characteristics

  • Constantly asking questions about anything and everything
  • Often offers unusual “way out”, unique, clever responses
  • Is uninhibited in expressions of opinion
  • Is a high risk taker;  is adventurous and speculative
  • Is often concerned with adapting, improving, and modifying institutions, objects, and systems
  • Displays a keen sense of humor
  • Shows emotional sensitivity
  • Is sensitive to beauty
  • Is nonconforming;  accepts disorder;  is not interested in details;  is individualistic;  does not fear being different

Leadership Characteristics

  • Carries responsibility well
  • Is self-confident with children his/her own age as well as adults
  • Can express himself/herself well
  • Adapts readily to new situations
  • Is sociable and prefers not to be alone
  • Generally directs the activity in which he/she is involved